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Staircase cleaning every 14 days

The basic package offers stairwell cleaning (every 14 days) for residential buildings. It is best suited for very clean stairwells. In our experience, for residential buildings with a maximum of up to 6 parties.




Every month

für sehr saubere Wohnhäuser

Valid until canceled

​Do the windows in the stairwell also have to be cleaned?



Does the underground parking lot need to be cleaned as well?



The maintenance cleaning includes:

Every 14 days

Sweeping stairwell floors, wiping handrail, wiping front door, wiping elevator walls, elevator door and other elevator contact surfaces, removing cobwebs, removing debris and paper from sidewalks, and adjacent lawn bleaching and removing leaves from sidewalks

1x per month

Sweep the basement damp and remove cobwebs in the basement

4 times a year

Dust the stairwell moldings

1x a year

Dust/wipe handrail rods


Click & Clean tip:

The smart package is the optimal solution for every maintenance cleaning!


The package for extra cleanliness!

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