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Staircase cleaning twice a week

The premium package is the top choice when it comes to cleanliness. This package offers stairwell cleaning (2x per week) for stairwells in residential and commercial buildings. It is particularly suitable for buildings with medical practices or law firms, for example, as customers feel comfortable when they visit. This package is also ideal for extremely dirty stairwells.




Every month

Ideal für Gewerbegebäude

Valid until canceled

​Do the windows in the stairwell also have to be cleaned?



Does the underground parking lot need to be cleaned as well?



The maintenance cleaning includes:

2x per week

Mop stairwell floor, wipe handrail, wipe front door, clean entrance mat, wipe elevator walls, elevator door and other elevator contact surfaces, remove cobwebs, remove debris and paper from sidewalks and adjacent lawns, and remove leaves from sidewalks.

1x per weekche

Dust the stairwell moldings

1x per month

Sweep the basement damp and remove cobwebs in the basement

2x a month

Sweep the laundry room damp and remove cobwebs in the basement

6 times a year

Dust/wipe handrail rods

4x a year

Clean stairwell windows


Das Basic Paket eignet sich besonders gut für sehr saubere Wohngebäude, mit bis zu 6 Parteien.


Click&Clean tip: The Smart package is the ideal solution for all maintenance cleaning!

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