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  • What services are available at
    Our primary offerings include a Staircase Cleaning subscription for multiparty properties, with an option for window cleaning within the staircases. We also provide Window Cleaning services for private households.
  • Where does operate?
    Our services are available in Cologne, Dusseldorf, Dormagen, and Neuss.
  • How can I book a cleaning service?
    For Staircase cleaning, choose from three packages via the 'Order Now' button on our homepage or use our configurator to tailor your staircase cleaning service. To book Window cleaning, select a suitable time from our online calendar in the window cleaning section.
  • What is your availability and how far in advance do I need to schedule a service?
    For Rental Property Owners: Explore our curated bundles available on our website tailored to meet your property cleaning needs. For Property Management Businesses: Select from our specialized bundles showcased on our website, designed with property managers in mind. Enjoy volume discounts: when placing orders for multiple property cleanings, receive a tailored discount based on the number of properties being serviced.
  • How are the cleaning services priced?
    Staircase cleaning is charged based on the package you select. For Window cleaning, the price depends on the number of windows you need cleaned – please specify this during booking. Important: When counting windows for cleaning, count each window that has its own frame, regardless of size. Every distinct windowpane with a frame is considered one window.
  • What's included in your cleaning services?
    Each Staircase cleaning package has its specific inclusions, detailed on our website. Window cleaning includes both the panes and frames.
  • How does your stairwell cleaning process differ from general cleaning?
    Our stairwell cleaning stands out with its thorough execution and top-notch quality. We focus on streamlining the process to minimize customer involvement, saving time. Additionally, our meticulous cleaning and maintenance services help preserve your property's value at fair pricing.
  • Do you provide all the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies?
    Absolutely! All you need to provide is water. Click&Clean takes care of the rest, supplying all the essential cleaning equipment and products.
  • Are your cleaning products environmentally friendly?
    Yes, we use eco-friendly cleaning products for all our services.
  • Need more information or want to give feedback?
    If your questions aren't covered here, or if you’d like to share your thoughts with us, please use the 'Contact Us' button located at the bottom of any page on our website. Your input is invaluable and helps us to continually improve our services.

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